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Commissioners Court

Description of Office

  • As member of the Commissioners Court, exercises broad policy-making authority.

  • Represents one of four precincts within the county.

  • Typically responsible for building and maintaining county roads and bridges within the precinct.

Commissioners Court

The Commissioners Court conducts the general business of the county and consists of the County Judge and four Commissioners.

The Court:

  • Adopts the county’s budget and tax rate.

  • Approves all budgeted purchases of the county.

  • Fills vacancies in elective and appointive offices.

  • Sets all salaries and benefits.

  • Has exclusive authority to authorize contracts.

  • Provides and maintains all county buildings and facilities.

For more complete information about the duties of a county commissioner and other county officials, see the “2018 Guide to Texas Laws for County Officials."

Information provided from Texas Association of Counties.

Commissioners Court regular meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month unless otherwise scheduled.  Special Called meetings are held during the odd weeks of the month to authorize county bills to be paid.  You can refer to the Public Notices link in the side bar to see our Calendar of Events.