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Theresa Carrasco

Phone: 830-767-2511
Fax: 830-769-1021

1 Courthouse Circle Drive
Suite 102
Jourdanton, TX 78026

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


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  • When filing a Motion and Order, please file in TWO separate envelopes, please DO NOT attach the Order as a “Lead Document” or “Attachment”. If attaching any Exhibits they may filed within the same envelope as an attachment. If there are any questions please call our office 830-767-2511.



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  • Recording Fee: $25.00 for the 1st page and $4.00 each additional page INDEXING OVER 5 NAMES (COUNTING BOTH GRANTOR & GRANTEE) ADD $0.25 PER NAME

    Assumed Name: $24.00
    Abandonment: $23.00
    Marks & Brands: $25.00
    Plats: $170.00 (Additional page +$75.00)
    Marriage License: $81.00
    Informal Marriage License: $52.00
    Birth Certificate: $23.00
    Death Certificate: $21.00
    Notice: $2.00
    Discharge: No Fee
    USB Hard Drive 1856-1967: $810.30
    USB Hard Drive 1967-1994 with postage: $111.32
    USB Hard Drive w/o Postage: $111.32
    USB Hard Drive 1995 to Present: $357.30
    Plat Download to Present: $76.00


    Debt/Contract w/o Citation: $350.00
    Non-Disclosure: $350.00
    Appeals: $350.00


    Counter Claim: $120.00
    Cross Action: $120.00
    Interpleader: $120.00
    Intervention: $120.00
    Third Party: $120.00
    Contest w/o Citation: $120.00


    Dependent Administration w/o Citation: $360.00
    Foreign Will: $360.00
    Independent Administration w/o Citation: $360.00
    Muniment of Title w/o Citation: $360.00
    Open Safety Deposit Box: $360.00
    Small Estate Proceedings: $360.00
    Guardianships Adult/Minor w/o Citation: $360.00
    Sale of Property w/o Guardianship: $360.00


    Annual Account: $27.00
    Annual Report: $12.00
    Account for Final Settlement: $27.00
    Application within an Existing Estate w/o Citation: $120.00
    Application on Sale of Personal Property w/o Citation: $27.00
    Application on Sale of Real Property w/o Citation: $27.00
    Claim: $10.00
    Counter Claim w/o Citation: $120.00
    Cross Action w/o Citation: $120.00
    Interpleader w/o Citation: $120.00
    Intervention w/o Citation: $120.00
    Third Party w/o Citation: $120.00
    Contest w/o Citation: $120.00
    Final Account w/o Citation: $27.00
    Final Report w/o Citation: $27.00
    Inventory (filed after the 90th day): $27.00
    Oath: $2.00
    Proposed Order: $2.00


    Bond Approval Fee: $5.00
    Certified Copy: $5.00
    Exemplified Copy: $5.00
    Copies (Non-Certified): $1.00
    Issuance of Abstract of Judgment: $8.00
    Issuance of Citation: $8.00
    Letters Testamentary/Administration/Guardianship: $2.00
    Issuance of Subpoena: $8.00
    Issuance of Writ: $8.00
    Judge's Signature: $2.00
    Jury Demand Fee: $40.00
    Service - Sheriff - Order of Sale: $200.00
    Service - Sheriff - Personal Service: $150.00
    Service - Sheriff - Posting: $100.00
    Service - Sheriff - Writ: $250.00
    Service - Sheriff - All Other: $100.00

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